Special orders are also welcome

Basic Shrine

Alaskan yellow cedar, ponderosa
pine and/or douglas fir
(without statue)

Base: 23" x 23"

Heights for all shrines:

44" for statues 17" to 22"
48" for statues 21 to 26"
52" for statues 26" to 36"


Half Shrine

(without statue)
To sit against a wall and/or
for a smaller space

Base: 23" x 11"

Wide Shrine

(without statue)
For sitting statues

Base: 23" x 29"

Chinese Shrine

(without statue)
Red posts and frame with
gold carved panels

Base: 23" x 23"

We have a selection of new and antique statues
All shrines available for exterior use with copper roof. Call for pricing.

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